Stretch Zone attends a variety of events in Miami ranging from Running, Crossfit, Golf Tournaments, Tennis and more. Let us know your next event.  Check our list of upcoming events where first time customers will be able to try a demo stretch and members can book a stretch time ahead of the event. MORE

Stretch Zone Miami's Method® is unique and effective because it focuses on the nervous system's control of muscle tension via the stretch reflex. This stretch reflex can limit the range of motion and is not always due to a lack of flexibility because of muscle length or elasticity.  Stretch Zone™ Miami's system comfortably stabilizes the body, isolates the stretch area, and allows complete control to the certified Stretch Zone™ Miami stretch practitioner.   MORE


Stretch Zone™, Inc. was established in Miami in 2004 by Jorden Gold, one of the world’s leading experts in practitioner-assisted stretching. Stretch Zone Miami has changed the fitness world by perfecting stretching techniques through years of practice and study. The result is the ultimate way to experience the amazing therapeutic benefits of stretching, Stretch Zone™ Miami has vastly improved upon stretching as just a warmup exercise, The Stretch Zone™ Method® makes a noticeable improvement on a person’s overall health, prevent injuries, increase recovery and enhance overall performance. MORE






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Stretch Zone™ has become the resource for improving performance in both athletic and daily activities for stars including musician Lenny Kravitz, actor George Hamilton, pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and ATP such as Marshall Faulk,

Chris Carter and legendary Hall of Famer Jim Brown, as well as numerous other stars and world class athletes. “Stretch Zone™ Miami's programs are  the ultimate link between health and fitness.

Stretch Zone™ Method® Practitioners have a background in body work, but receive additional training and certification through Stretch Zone. 


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Stretch Zone™ Miami educates and assists competent stretching practitioners to not only deliver the perfect stretch, but also in managing their business as a profit center. A Stretch Zone™ Method® certification goes beyond maintaining a level of excellence. It's also about constant improvement to become a more knowledgeable expert and to better the industry.  Attend a workshop and join the team. MORE