Stretch Zone™, Inc. was founded in Miami in 2004 by Jorden Gold, one of the world’s foremost experts in practitioner-assisted stretching. By focusing and expanding upon the amazing therapeutic benefits of stretching, Stretch Zone™ has revolutionized the fitness industry and completely reinvented the concept of “the stretch.” Far, far more than just a mobility-increasing warmup exercise, The Stretch Zone™ Method® takes stretching to an entirely new level, and can have an incredible impact on a person’s overall health, prevent injuries, increase recovery and enhance overall performance.

With a dedicated roster of world-recognized names and faces, Stretch Zone™ has become the resource for improving performance in both athletic and daily activities for notables including musician Lenny Kravitz, actor George Hamilton, pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and ATP such as Marshall Faulk, Chris Carter and legendary Hall of Famer Jim Brown, as well as hundreds of other celebrities and celebrated athletes from around the world.

“Stretch Zone™’s programs are designed bridge the gap between health and fitness,” explains Marc Abrams, Stretch Zone™, Inc. President. “Between our 15 years of research and success we’ve designed practitioner-assisted stretches to not only meet the demand of ‘stretching back the years’ for businesses and experts alike, but also a way for them to benefit from a new revenue stream and longer professional lifespan.” Stretch Zone™ is targeting businesses that service baby boomers; health and medical specialists; sports clubs and spas; schools and athletes of all levels with the Stretch Zone™ Program, a complete proprietary system of methods, protocols, continuing education workshops and tools that include the original Stretch Zone™ Table and patent pending Conversion Kits.